Stump Grinding
stump grinding service

Tree stumps are not only unsightly sores protruding from the ground, they are also obstructive in that they take up too much space and often restrict ease of access to an area. When a tree is removed above ground, the remaining stump is often left in the ground, visible to the ground level. We advise our clients to grind the stump where they are accessible to reclaim their piece of land.

We have powerful machines with over 27Hp with an access clearance of 82cm as well as commercial grinders with over 100Hp designed to grind and get rid of very large stumps. Because most backyards often have a single gate access, we use small machines that can grind out stumps that are as big as 30 to 40 centimetres. Commercial grinders designed for stumps 50cm to 100cm and above can grind up to 73cm deep.

There are many ways to deal with stumps. In some cases, we would recommend first poisoning the tree remnant and allowing for the chemicals to take effect for a week or two before grinding. The main types of trees that we recommend poisoning before grinding the stump include:

We boast of highly trained and experienced operators and our state-of-the-art equipment are in excellent condition because we maintain them regularly.